We’re Going to the Supreme Court and We Need Your Help

In 2006, we started an Asian American band called The Slants. Fast forward ten years later and we are now going to the Supreme Court to help marginalized communities fight for identity rights, expand free speech, and strike down an outdated law that has been used against communities of color.

You might have heard that we’ve been fighting the US Trademark Office – the story was profiled on NPR , BBC, on the TEDx stage,  and many others. This is a 1st amendment issue as much as it is one about systemic racism. No one should be denied rights because of their race.

We decided to fight this case because it’s the right thing to do – our community should have the right to define itself. However, it has become more costly at each stage of the process. Thankfully, our legal team has been fighting this pro bono. However, we’re faced with growing court fees, research, administrative and filing costs, etc. And, we want to go to the Supreme Court as a band to fight for our rights.

This is where we need your help. 

We are asking you to invest into our case. This is an opportunity to change a law that has been disproportionately affecting minorities for almost 70 years now, primarily small business owners and activists who believe in reclaiming identity. It is a chance to create culturally competent laws and build equity and justice in a very unjust legal system…a system that will likely be worse under a Trump presidency.

If you want to be a part of this historic moment, please invest in our case today.


“In the past, the word slant is considered an outdated term to the band and other community members. The long-held racial slur against Asian Americans is now a source of empowerment and change.” – Japanese American Citizens League’s Pacific Citizen

“This not disparage Asian American identity, it celebrates it” – Mari Watanabe, Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center/Oregon Commission of Asian Pacific Islander Affairs

“We are deeply concerned about the government placing limits on people of color and other marginalized groups from expressing their viewpoints. This is a case where a racially charged term is being re-appropriated as a way to fight back against historical oppression. To limit the trademark benefits of such artistic and political expression would marginalize people struggling for tolerance and racial justice.” – Mat dos Santos, Legal Director, ACLU of Oregon

“The Slants kick some serious ass” – Phil Yu, Angry Asian Man

4 thoughts on “We’re Going to the Supreme Court and We Need Your Help

  1. Go for it guys!! Good luck…I hope you guys get to keep the name. Like many Asians, I grew up being called….but in the long run, I think this will help the young Asian-Americans. I respect your stance.

  2. Trump on Tuesday urged courts to “act fast” and has repeatedly contended that people are “pouring in” because of the judge’s action, without evidence to back that claim.

    1. This isn’t really relevant to our case, but we agree that there are problematic claims being made about what’s happening

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