New Music Video: Heartbeat is Heaven

Our new music video features footage from our Taiwan Tour. You can get the full DVD here. Here’s what two band members had to say about the video. You can watch it below!

Simon Tam: “Heartbeat is Heaven” has always been one of my favorite songs so I was excited to finally include it on one of our albums. The song was originally birthed and used for tour – it was an unreleased track that was reserved for a special collaboration between us and a sake company – so it was really appropriate that the music video be made up of scenes from touring in Asia. I appreciate that Joe (director) tried to incorporate a literal visual image to every line in the song…it’s a nice, playful touch that shows our focus on attention to detail. For us, the video is incredibly personal because it shows the intimate details of our tour life. Furthermore, it captures some incredible memories of our final tour with Tyler Chen, a member of The Slants who has been a part of the band longer than anyone else in its history except for me. Finally, the video is a great reminder for those who only know us by our trademark battle with the U.S government: we’re a band first and foremost. Touring is what we do, not just making noise in courts.

Joe X. Jiang: “The video was made from footage of the larger tour documentary that I directed/edited for the band, and it was a nice capper to the entire experience. A shorter edit of it closes out the movie. In many ways, the tour doc is my point of view of what it’s like to be touring in The Slants and I wanted to show as many sights as I could. The song, which was written before I joined the band, is very emotionally driven and a sets a great tone for something of a retrospective.  Simon had used it for a music slideshow of old band photos and that’s were I got the idea of using it for this music video.

The video will hopefully feel authentic and welcoming to anyone who wants a glimpse into being in a touring band. It’s hard work but there is a lot of fun to be had. You can see how exhausted everyone is by the end of the video, and that was only day four on the road! But no one is going to turn down taking on another trip like this. We had amazing friends and family who travelled longs ways to come hang out and help out with this tour. Many others, including fans, donated money to help make the tour documentary. This video/movie is a memento for the folks on the trip and a giant ‘Thank You’ to everyone who supported us along the way!”

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