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Imagine you have been given an all-access backstage pass to tour with The Slants in Asia. Picture yourself joining the band to tour Taiwan’s streets, night markets, clubs, and infamous Spring Scream festival. See the gritty, quirky, and hilarious moments experienced only on tour wrapped around an unbelievable concert at one of the most popular music festivals in Asia!

You’ll experience many of the band’s hits, including “Sakura, Sakura,” “How the Wicked Live,” “Con Kids,” and many more. In fact, every song from the newest release, “Something Slanted This Way Comes” is featured in the film.

This is the band’s first ever full length film, now available on DVD. The DVD features:

  • Complete film of The Slants’ tour
  • Concert footage from the Spring Scream festival and other appearances
  • Special music videos
  • Hilarious video commentary by the band
  • Photos from the tour

And thanks to crowdfunding supporters, you’ll watch the band tackle strange dishes like grilled duck tongues, the infamous stinky tofu, and bull penis soup, in all of its HD glory.

BONUS: You can get the DVD with the band’s newest CD, “Something Slanted This Way Comes,” for a special discount. Order now!

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