Slants! Slants! Revolution

Release Date: July 14, 2009
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Portland, Oregon-based Chinatown dance-rock outfit The Slants – Simon Young (bass), Aron (vocals), Tyler Chen (drums), and Jonathan (guitar) – are celebrating the release of their remix album, “Slants! Slants! Revolution,” a dance-dance remix album of tracks from The Slants’ debut, “Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts.”

Remixed by Justin Coope (of Son of Rust) and Michael “Gaijin” Pacheco (formerly of The Slants), The project, initiated by Michael “Gaijin” Pacheco, is Pacheco’s final involvement with the band, prior to parting ways for schooling in Japan.

Album Review

We’ve got a lot of love for Portland’s The Slants, a synth-rawk outfit whose dark dance anthems (for reference: check their record Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts) trumped The Faint and The Killers in our party playlists loooooong ago.

But they must have known: deep inside, the people even more jiggy energy in them, just waiting to be tapped. The band just released Slants! Slants! Revolution—an album of their tunes, remixed for even more lively party people than us (or funkier partays than ours). Think about rolling with all of your gaysians to da club on Fridays, or rolling large on Hollywood Boulevard after a Depeche Mode concert, or tripping out in baggy jeans in the desert with all of your, ehrm, closest friends–this would be the perfect soundtrack.

Not only is it good, but good for you: all profits from the record go to cancer research for Asian ladies (a soft spot for us, since too many Asian ladies in our lives have faced the cancer gauntlet). What better good deed for the day than to be a dancer for cancer! Do it!

Buy Slants! Slants! Revolution here. And then (fun!) feel free to do something really bad (might we suggest you drop a tab of E?) to make up for all that good-doing.
- Disgrasian